SCHEDULE OF ONLINE EVENTS 13.06 – 19.06.2022

⁉️ If you find yourself in the midst of a crisis, the first thing to do is stop panicking!

🆘 Crises happen to us for various reasons: age and development, sudden global changes, separations and failures. We all periodically visit different points of crisis, where the old ways to survive no longer work.

❌ And that’s completely normal. Time moves forward, and with it, crisis situations improve.

🔺 Crisis is a dead end.
🔺 Crisis is something you can’t prepare for.
🔺 Crisis is the time for new solutions.

⛩️ In Chinese, the word “crisis” consists of two characters, one means “danger” and the other means “opportunity”.

💯 Let’s overcome the moment of crisis together and create our own reality, and the crisis will serve as the starting point for building our Success.

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