It’s time for unexpected news!


🌟🤩 Show yourself! Become the first in promoting IG Cosmetics products, move forward in the IGC bonus program and, in addition to the main bonuses, receive the main prize from the Company – a new branded car from InnovaGold.

👉Everything is very simple!

✔️ The winner of the main prize will be the one who is the first to go to the 10th order table – IG Cosmetics VIP and make 50 new personal sales
(since the start of the IG DRIVE promotion).


More details of the promotion:

💡To make it easier for you to track your progress, we will publish the current rating of indicators.

❗️To form the rating, only sales indicators of new personally invited customers are taken into account from the start of the promotion.

▪️The indicator in the rating is one (1) if the personally invited customer has made one (1) sale.

▪️One (1) personally-invited customer sale is 1 mask or 1 collagen.

▪️If a personally invited customer made a sale of both masks and collagen – the indicator for the rating will be equal to one (1), since this is counted as 1 sale.

After all, thanks to the sales of your personal Clients, you are moving along the linear bonus program IG Cosmetics, moving from one table of orders to another.

The IG Drive rating will be updated in your personal account.

❗️ One participant can win only one Grand Prize.

🏁Start of the action: Today! Jul 7, 2021
⛔️ Finish of the action: Who will be the FIRST to fulfill the conditions!

🚗Be the first!
👤Use this opportunity!

Fulfill the conditions faster than others and the NEW branded car from InnovaGold will be yours!

✨Time to Shine with InnovaGold!