Your personal account has become even more convenient!

Dear Clients and Leaders of InnovaGold!

👩🏻‍💻📈To make your online activity convenient, practical and perfect, we are constantly developing our system and making some updates.

And now, at the numerous requests of our Clients and for the convenience of using the personal account, the functionality has been UPDATED and some sections have been MOVED to the “DASHBOARD”.

📍 The side menu has become shorter, and you can find the missing sections on the main page of your personal account in the “DASHBOARD”.

The following sections have been moved:

📚 “Learnings” – this section contains all short video lessons, recordings of online webinars, presentations in PDF format, etc.

📊 “Account statistics” – detailed statistics of the structure of your account.

🎯 “Leadership Program” – displays your leadership progress.

📝 “Write to the Team” – here you can write a message to your personal account to any Client from your Team.

🔊 “For Adverstising” – here you will find links to all the official social networks of the Company, links for registering Clients, all promotional materials for working with Clients of InnovaGold.

🗣 “Tickets” – in this section you can leave any question or request to the administrator of the Company.

We hope that this quick guide will help you navigate your personal account.

Sincerely, InnovaGold Support Team🧡