Super Promotion “Meet Greece” – Extended!

Here is a news filled with summer and a pleasant message☀️🌸

In different parts of the world, countries around the world are resuming international flights. More than 40 countries have resumed flights between themselves. And this means that the time has come for long-awaited travel, new acquaintances, as well as for rest and recovery!

Travel – they fill us with new impressions, ideas, discoveries and experiences. While traveling, we discover new facets of the World, while quietly discovering new facets of ourselves, this is the best time for development.

InnovaGold is not looking for opportunities, it creates them and therefore combines everything you need in one epic journey.

🌟Already this summer, one of the most long-awaited events from the InnovaGold Company will take place. First International Conference in Greece, scheduled for the end of Summer 2021.

🏖🎓Do not miss the unique opportunity to plan your vacation in advance, as well as spend the last weeks of summer on a productive, bright and rewarding journey together with the golden team of InnovaGold.

Win a trip to Greece and take part in an important event from the Company!

Super Promotion from InnovaGold – 🇬🇷 “Meet Greece” 🇬🇷 – Extended!

📣Conditions of the Promotion are impossibly simple! Follow them until 07/31/2021 and get a ticket to the First International Conference from InnovaGold to sunny Greece 🇬🇷

☑️Minimum conditions for taking part in the Promotion – it is obligatory to receive a reward in 4 MAIN tables of order accounting:
1 Bronze / 1 Silver / 1 Gold / 1 Platinum

☑️Maximum conditions – get remuneration in the MAIN tables of orders: no restrictions.

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📍Make sure to comply with the minimum conditions to participate in the Promotion.

📍 Get the highest reward than other Clients and you are the Winner! 🏆 Your journey!

📍Date of completion of the Promotion 🇬🇷 “Meet Greece” 🇬🇷 07/31/2021

💭📌 Overcome your fears and open up to opportunities.
Time to Shine! ✨