Replenishment of the balance of the personal account of the InnovaGold company is now available using cryptocurrencies

🤝 Gold and Bitcoin are mutually beneficial cooperation for everyone.

🎊 We have added a new type of balance top-up in your InnovaGold account!

Acceptance of payments in some types of cryptocurrencies is open!

Replenishment of the account of your personal account with this type of payment can be made only through the official telegram channel

✔️ Follow the link!
✔️ Carefully study all the information in our channel.

Be very careful!

✍️ To make a request for replenishment and get the wallet number in which you want to make a transaction, write to the channel administrator.

🤩 We are introducing such innovations to make your development with InnovaGold even more efficient and convenient.

Sincerely, InnovaGold Team.