Promotion “Golden Ticket” !!!

Any change begins with an idea and desire and is continued in new decisions and actions.

InnovaGold is grateful to each Client for their contribution to the promotion of the new premium brand IG COSMETICS!

IG Cosmetics brand products –
💫 these are high-quality care products,
💫 this is a great opportunity to increase your income,
This is a chance to win the “Golden Ticket” to a major International Conference that will bring all Clients and Leaders to the international business community in August.

Take part and get a unique prize for the best results in promoting the new premium brand IG COSMETICS!

🎫 “Golden Ticket” – will give you the opportunity to join the golden team of Leaders of the InnovaGold company, take your place among the participants of an important event and spend wonderful “Golden Days”.

An interesting and productive trip awaits you:
🛩 flight and accommodation at the expense of the Company;
🎟 free admission to the International Conference from the company
👥 meeting with like-minded people, which will provide an opportunity to establish new or strengthen existing social and professional relationships;

Anyone who fulfills the conditions of the Promotion can receive the Golden Ticket.

📍The conditions are simpler than ever!
Until July 31st, close 100 personal sales in the IG Cosmetics bonus program.

Very important! Sales for ALL TIME of work in the IG Cosmetics bonus program are taken into account.

🎫3 Clients! 3 Golden Tickets!

Fulfill the conditions faster than anyone else and collect your ticket, and to make it easier to track your progress, we publish the current rating of indicators.

❗️To form the rating, only the sales figures of personally invited clients are taken into account.
1 Customer = 1 Sale

At the end of the promotion, 3 winners will receive an invitation to the International Conference from InnovaGold, after which the winners will need to submit and complete travel documents.

We wish you success in your work and look forward to seeing you!

💭 “The best way to get on with something is to stop talking and start doing”
Time to Shine! ✨