ATTENTION! IG Cosmetics Bonus Program Update!

«To improve means to change, and to be perfect means to change often»

✨ Namely, you inspire us
for changes.✨

We rely on the experience of our Clients, Leaders and Partners. And we try to improve the conditions for the development of our common cause.

🆙 An important update in the IG Cosmetics bonus program! 🆙

IG Cosmetics tarrifs:

💎Theonite💎Amber 💎Aquamarine💎 Alexandrite 💎 Ruby 💎 Sapphire 💎

✨ Sapphire became a triple, all other tarrifs remained the same.
✨ You can get profit even faster.
✨ Your path to success will become smoother and more productive.

🤩 This update will only improve the existing IG Cosmetics bonus program!