Anti-crisis currency.

Few people can say that gold does not bring interest. When comparing classical, conservative forms of investment, such as term deposits or money market paper, with gold, what matters is what is left after inflation is taken into account.

Gold will be in constant demand as a defense against a crisis, because it does not tend to depreciate, as it happens with currencies.

Therefore, the precious metal should be accessible, given the ubiquity of the Internet and applications in smartphones.

Increasing the level of availability will attract young people to gold, as well as allow anyone to start buying the precious metal, even for small amounts.

Precious metal dealers, manufacturers and sellers of jewelry should offer end users convenient and affordable forms of interaction with physical precious metals.

New technologies are playing an important role in connecting the various products and services currently available in the precious metals market and will ultimately provide usability and open up new opportunities to enter this market.

InnovaGold clients are full-fledged participants in the precious metals market, as they use the entire range of the company’s services to provide themselves with physical gold.