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The company InnovaGold informs its customers that during the pre-launch period of the company all payments for the goods are accepted by the company only on the official company’s accounts!

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Be careful and beware of fraudulent activities!!!

Product code: In1000
Manufacturer: InnovaGold
Fineness: 999,9
Weight: 100.00 g
Purchase: 5775 EUR
Sale: 5347 EUR

Product code: In500
Manufacturer: InnovaGold
Fineness: 999,9
Weight: 50.00 g
Purchase: 2914 EUR
Sale: 2673 EUR

Product code: In311
Manufacturer: InnovaGold
Fineness: 999,9
Weight: 31.10 g
Purchase: 1879 EUR
Sale: 1663 EUR

Product code: In200
Manufacturer: InnovaGold
Fineness: 999,9
Weight: 20.00 g
Purchase: 1177 EUR
Sale: 1070 EUR

Product code: In100
Manufacturer: InnovaGold
Fineness: 999,9
Weight: 10.00 g
Purchase: 588 EUR
Sale: 535 EUR

Product code: In50
Manufacturer: InnovaGold
Fineness: 999,9
Weight: 5.00 g
Purchase: 302 EUR
Sale: 267 EUR

Product code: In20
Manufacturer: InnovaGold
Fineness: 999,9
Weight: 2.00 g
Purchase: 133 EUR
Sale: 107 EUR

Product code: In10
Manufacturer: InnovaGold
Fineness: 999,9
Weight: 1.00 g
Purchase: 71 EUR
Sale: 53 EUR

Paying for the goods you agree:

Payments. Payment by credit card online

Our website is connected to an Internet acquiring, and you can pay for the goods with a Visa, MasterCard credit card. To pay (enter your card details). You will be redirected to the payment gateway. Connection to the payment gateway and the transfer of information is carried out in a secure mode using the SSL encryption protocol. If your bank supports the technology of secure online payments Verified By Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, you may also need to enter a special password to make a payment.

Security guarantees

This site supports 4096 – bit encryption. Confidentiality of the personal information provided is ensured. The information entered will not be provided to third parties, except as provided by law. Bank card payments are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of Visa and MasterCard payment systems.

Delivery Rules

Delivery is carried out at the expense of the client’s funds after payment, according to the purchase invoice, and is carried out by the insured mail to the address indicated by the client when registering on the website, or to the agreed address with the client within 5 working days from the day the client receives funds to the company’s account.

Return of goods

In the event that defects are discovered in a product whose properties do not allow them to be eliminated (perfumes and cosmetics and other products), the buyer has the right, at his option, to demand the replacement of such goods with goods of good quality or a commensurate reduction in the purchase price. Instead of presenting these requirements, the buyer has the right to refuse the purchased goods and demand the return of the sum of money paid for the goods. At the same time, the buyer, at the request of the seller and at his own expense, must return the received goods of inadequate quality.

InnovaGold Gold Bars Return Policy

Based on the ‘Directive 2002/65 / EC on distance marketing of consumer financial services’, consumers are not given the right to refuse to fulfill the contract and return the goods to suppliers companies of distance marketing of consumer financial services, the price of which depends on fluctuations in the financial market.

InnovaGold gold bars comply with the London Good Delivery international quality standards and have all the necessary certificates, so our company provides its Buyers with the opportunity to resell the previously purchased gold bar(s) to the company at the purchase price at any convenient time.

The reverse sale of the InnovaGold gold bar(s) is subject to the condition that the purchased gold bar was held by the company and was not given to the buyer after the purchase.

The purchase price of a gold bar is indicated on the company’s website as the publicly available published price at the time of the sale. Gold bars prices on the website are regulated based on the daily London LBMA fixing.

The application for the reverse sale of the gold bar(s) is executed through the personal account of the user of the company’s website by clicking the ‘Sell’ button. When a sales order is received, the system automatically determines the purchase price based on daily updated gold prices published on the website, taking into account the cost of payment processing.

To carry out the reverse sale of the gold bar(s), the user must select a payment system to which the funds received from the sale will be transferred, and click the “Send request” button.

The funds received from the sale are withdrawn through the company administrator to the payment systems indicated on the company’s website in the “Payment and Withdrawal of Funds” section, to a Visa, MasterCard card, or to a specified bank account.

Funds are transferred to payment systems within 5 banking days.

Funds are transferred to their own euro account on the 5th calendar day after the funds are withdrawn from the user’s personal account. When withdrawing funds, a bank fee may be charged.

Exchange of goods

If upon receipt of purchased gold bar(s) in our company you find any discrepancy of the goods with the declared characteristics, please contact us by phone +359876747579 to exchange the purchased gold bar(s) for an equivalent gold bar(s).

For more information, contact our InnovaGold support team at

Access to the full version of Directive 2002/65 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of September 23, 2002 on distance marketing of consumer financial services.