EVOminerale is a professional InnovaGold’s series of SPA products


EVOminerale is a professional InnovaGold’s series of SPA products, which is based on one of the most unique and world-famous components created by nature itself more than 5 thousand years ago as a result of complex chemical and biological processes at the bottom of the lake – therapeutic mud. The composition of our cosmetics includes another unique component – bio-gold. Gold enhances the healing properties of natural minerals, and helps oxygen molecules penetrate the skin faster, improving metabolic processes.

In combination with the natural minerals of Lake Saki, gold perfectly copes with the “delivery” of substances necessary for your skin to the maximum extent.
InnovaGold’s EVOminerale is a new round of evolution in professional balneological cosmetics, created by specialists for SPA usage and beauty salons, as well as for home use in order to effectively improve and rejuvenate your skin.

We found the optimal solution, combining a rich practical experience with the latest InnovaGold developments, to create a new generation of products that have all the necessary properties and meet the requirements of the modern SPA industry.