The “IG DRIVE” promotion continues !!!

📆 Just 6 months ago, INNOVAGOLD opened an additional opportunity for all Clients –

⚡️ to receive bonuses from the Company for the successful promotion of new products.

🔥The received bonuses of the Client for completing the entire IG Cosmetics bonus program will amount to more than 200 thousand euros of bonuses.

🧐 Imagine! Think about this figure!

IG Cosmetics:

▫️Quality, effective, presentable products

▪️Affordable price

▫️Unique bonus program

🏵 We are proud of your success and development in this short period.

🎊 Our Clients have earned over 74,000 IG bonuses!

🛍 During this time, the IG Cosmetics brand has developed new products that expand and complement the existing premium IG Cosmetics product line.

🙏🏻 The InnovaGold Company expresses its boundless gratitude to all Clients for the significant contribution and active promotion of the IG Cosmetics brand. We believe in you and wish everyone a reward for your work.

🎁 Therefore, the InnovaGold company decided to present a new car, directly from the salon, to the one who does not postpone his development until later, to the most active and purposeful

Perhaps it will be you?

🚘The first person who reaches the goal and goes to the 10th table of orders – IG Cosmetics VIP and makes 50 new personal sales (since the start of the IG DRIVE promotion) will become the owner of the main prize.

💭 Are you still waiting? Don’t waste your time!

Your tomorrow depends on today’s decisions.