First anniversary! Thank you for being with us!

Here we are already 1 year old!

A serious advanced “kid” called InnovaGold entered the world market a year ago. And it brought many opportunities for experienced MLM Leaders.

InnovaGold cordially congratulates its customers on this wonderful event.
Each of you has made an invaluable contribution to the creation and development of a global business.
And also in the development of each partner of your team, which revealed the best leadership qualities in you.

The Top 10 Leaders in the company ranking earned a total of € 305,534 in gold bars.
The smallest check is € 12,211 in gold, and the largest is € 54,396 in gold.

The company put real values in the first place – these are Legality, Client, Teamwork, competent transparent marketing, full-fledged professional training, impeccable goods, round-the-clock technical support.

Thanks to this combination, very serious networkers came to the company who made a conscious decision to develop with professionals and build an online business based on real values in a comfortable environment.

Congratulations from Director Sandy Lamothe | InnovaGold Time To Shine