When to buy gold? Pros and cons of investing in gold.

During a stable economy, investors keep some of the money in the precious metal in their portfolio.
As soon as a global crisis comes, people always increase their interest in gold and at that moment the price of the precious metal rises.
Let’s see why this happens. Reasons for the relevance of investing in precious metals.
Gold deposits are quite rare on our planet. The process of mining the precious metal is labor-intensive and not fast. Given the unique physical and chemical properties, such as high electrical conductivity, resistance to chemical attack, ductility, gold is considered one of the most valuable and rare metals.
It is for these reasons that gold is recognized as the main defensive asset.

Pros of investing in gold:

  • This is a stable defensive asset, the price of which always rises in the long run, and liquidity never falls.
  • Gold is the current currency. In every country in the world, it is in demand and has its own value in national money.


  • Low profit in stable times.
  • It is difficult to predict the movement of gold prices in short investment areas, especially during periods of global cataclysms.
  • Duration of attachments. As a rule, the recommended period for investing in gold is five, and preferably ten years or more.

Gold will be in constant demand as a defense against a crisis, because it does not tend to depreciate, as it happens with currencies. The main thing to remember is that gold is a guarantor of the preservation of capital.