EVOminerale - the evolution of beneficial minerals

Healthy skin is a gift! Respect this gift to stop fading and give yourself years of health and radiant beauty! Our brand philosophy is based on a synthesis of 200 years of experience and innovative developments in the cosmetology field. The combination of natural active minerals, natural plant components and gold gives us what many dream of: we slow down the time.

EVOminerale is a professional series of SPA products from INNOVAGOLD. A feature of EVOminerale cosmetics is the natural BIOL component, which is part of the entire products line. This is a highly mineralized polymineral solution of a unique composition, created bу nature 5,000 years ago, mined from the bottom of Saki Lake and refined using original technology.

The composition of our cosmetics includes another unique component – gold. Gold in the composition of cosmetics accumulates and enhances the action of a whole complex of useful natural components. EVOminerale by INNOVAGOLD is a new round of evolution in professional balneological cosmetics. It was created with the goal of effectively healing and rejuvenating your skin both in SPA and beauty salons, and at home. The symbiosis of centuries-old experience of specialists of the Crimean Scientific Production Enterprise and modern developments of colleagues from the Institute of Cosmetology of Hong Kong made it possible to create a truly unique product. EVOminerale cosmetics has excellent properties and meets the current requirements of cosmetology: environmental friendliness, ease of use, effectiveness.

The use of certified organic components and high-quality materials is a guarantee of the high efficiency of all products of our brand.

EVOminerale products are a complex of effective natural ingredients, selected in such a way that can replace a number of cosmetic procedures.