Special promotion “Festival of Lights”. Only for Indian Clients

Namaste 🙏🇮🇳❤️ dear Clients! InnovaGold Company congratulates you on the bright holiday of Diwali! 🎉 May this Diwali burn up all the bad times for you and help you enter the good times. We wish a bright light to illuminate your path and always guide you. May this holiday of joy bring happiness, love and new opportunities into your life 🎉. In...

Happy Victory Day!

🌷 May 9 is not only a wonderful spring day, but also an unforgettable, memorable date - the Great Victory Day. Dear Clients, Leaders and Partners of InnovaGold! With respect and trepidation, we congratulate you on the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War! 🌹🎗 💫Blush memory of the heroes and gratitude for the right to a peaceful and...

Happy Easter!

InnovaGold congratulates everyone on the bright holiday of Easter! ☺️ We wish this day to be filled only with joyful emotions, kind and real miracle! 💭Mutual understanding in the family, well-being in the house, sincere people and reliable friends. ♥️ Let your heart be full of love, happiness and harmony! Time to Shine! ✨

We cordially congratulate all Muslims on the onset of the holy month of Ramadan

We cordially congratulate all Muslims on the onset of the holy month of Ramadan. We wish your hearts to be filled with endless patience and kindness, thoughts - with goodness, and at home - with calm harmony and prosperity! May your help to those in need be timely. May every good deed and word return a worthy reward! We wish you strong...

Happy Women’s Day!

Lovely women! Congratulations on International Women's Day - March 8! Take a break from work, look around, forget about worries and problems, you are the supreme creation of nature - a woman! Today it is worth remembering this once again! We wish you professional success, interesting work, and material well-being, love from relatives, and attention from friends. May happy coincidences occur more...

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear InnovaGold customers, colleagues and future partners!⠀ On behalf of our team, Happy Valentine's Day to all your beloved and loving people! Love is truly the strongest feeling that can make miracles. It encourages, inspires hope and gives us strength for great achievements! Let this magical feeling fill the hearts of each of us. Love and be loved. With love, InnovaGold team✨

Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear Clients, Leaders and Partners!!! Happy New Year! Now is the Chinese one! Now the New Year has finally come to its course! May all your wishes come true, all dreams come true, and the new year will bring prosperity, happiness and joy! We wish you prosperity, let wealth fill your homes. Health, longevity and strength of the sacred dragon. Happy New Year! 恭喜...

Happy Birthday Dear Mrs. Olesya Leier!

Today is a special day!!! Today a lot of people wanted to say a lot of words. And then this video lasted about 267 years 342 hours 552 minutes Therefore, let everyone say only the most important. Today is the that very day when we all wish Happy Birthday to Mrs. Olesya Leier! You are the that very person without whom it is impossible to imagine the...

Happy Birthday Alexandr Medvedev!

Happy Birthday Alexandr Medvedev! We wish that under any life circumstances balance and harmony in the soul, prosperity, good luck and great prospects, constant self-development, successful self-realization and worthy victories in various spheres of life! May practical experience and accumulated energy continue to contribute to successful work! We wish you a lot of ideas and strength to implement them! Best wishes, InnovaGold team!

Happy Republic Day of India!

On January 26, the Indian people celebrate one of the most significant holidays in their country - Republic Day! InnovaGold cordially congratulates all its clients and partners from India on this solemn Day! We wish the entire country and every citizen of it economic, cultural, spiritual growth and prosperity! Let all your undertakings lead you to success! Time to Shine, India!